Erectile Dysfunction and Eroxel independent of Age

Research shows that erectile dysfunction is a risk factor that varies with age and tends to rise with age. But, sexual weakness in older age is not an absolute. It’s just as important to have a strong erection as in younger years.

Different stages of Life can lead to Erectile Dysfunction

Numerous studies have shown that the risk of developing erectile dysfunction (ED), increases with age. Erectile dysfunction is not caused by age. Instead, it is a result of aging. These include hormonal changes, diabetes or cardiovascular disease, and reduced physical ability.

Erectile dysfunction is not a common problem in older men. Not all offspring have a great erection. Most erectile dysfunctions at young ages are psychological in nature. This is why it is often treated with medication and psychotherapy.

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Age group based on frequency of Erectile Dysfunction

Numerous studies have already shown that erectile function gradually declines over time. However, potency isn’t just a problem for older men. Young men can also experience erectile dysfunction.

Men between 30 and 39 years old have an ED prevalence rate of 11%, while men in their 20s have an ED prevalence rate of 8%.

The outlook for men over 40 is worse. Here, 40% of men have erection issues, while the proportions are even higher in the 50s.

However, the chance of developing erection problems in men aged 50 to 90 is 10 times higher than for men younger than 50.

Healthy lifestyle Magnificent Erection

A lifestyle change can make a significant difference in the recovery of erectile dysfunction. Although this does not happen overnight, you can see the first signs of improvement after a few weeks to months.

Lifestyle changes are the most important aspect of any lifestyle change:

  • Regular exercise (endurance training, muscle building)
  • Healthy and balanced eating habits
  • Abstain from drinking, smoking, and other drugs
  • Stress reduction
  • Get enough sleep
  • Regular training of the pelvic floor muscles
  • Preventive medical checks should be observed

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